Friday, September 26, 2008

Why Do I Need to Vote?

I'm not Catholic, but this video is definitely a "must see". It takes only a few minutes and explains in pictures, words and music why it is important that we must VOTE and get our friends and family members out to VOTE.


Anonymous said...

Please share this video with your friends. I shared it today with a couple of my Catholic friends who had no idea it existed. Now they can share it with their friends, and you can, too! A wise man once said "when we teach tolerance versus intolerance instead of good versus evil, we soon end up teaching tolerance of evil". It is time to return to teaching and preaching good versus evil. This is not say we cannot have love and compassion for all of our brothers and sisters, but we must follow the example of our Savior, and do so within the guidelines the Lord has set for us.

AvantExec said...

My bishop forwarded me the link to and I watched the video. I thought it was fantastic. Very well done. Importantly, I thought it was very unifying. I'm not Catholic and that fact doesn't matter. Great website and video. I recommend it.