Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Not Over

Lest we think our fight is over, it has just begun! (Which most of us already knew.)

I received an email from "Family Leader Network" noting the true colors of the opposition.
The LDS Temple in Los Angeles was under siege yesterday by 2,000 protesters angry over the Church's role in passing Proposition 8, forcing the temporary closure of the temple. According to reports, a gay activist called the temple saying they would be protesting outside the temple permanently until there is gay marriage.

Signs were hung from the fence around the temple and protesters screamed in anger, snarled afternoon rush-hour traffic and said, "This isn't going to stop us...If we do this we have a chance." "We're going to fight it until the world changes," protesters claimed. "Shame on you," chanted the protesters. Outside the temple, grafitti was scrawled on the walls and signs hung, "Go back to Utah," and "Go to hell Mormons." Their signs said, "No on H8." (Personal note here, I wanted to make a sign that said, "No on hate, yes on 8!")

Protesters promised to go after the Church's tax-exempt status and harass Mormons who had donated to the cause, listed on a website The promise was to make the Mormons pay for their role in the passage of Prop 8.

And as if we haven't read enough hate in the blogs, here is my favorite:
Another blog entry: "If you're planning a heterosexual wedding in California ... be prepared for picketers. Designate someone to watch the parking lot ... You're going to have lots of unexpected expenses. Add $500 to your budget for security. ... Be prepared for the flowers not lasting to the reception or the tuxedos showing up two sizes too small or the music at the reception being a way too loud or the cake tasting a little funny," stated another threat. "Be afraid. Be very afraid. We are everywhere."

And what is our response to this?
On the same day, this happened, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, issued a statement calling for mutual civility. "No one on any side of the question should be vilified, intimidated or harassed." It is a call to turn the other cheek.

I strongly believe in the democractic process, as is evidenced by this blog. You win some and you lose some. It's the process that builds character and makes this country the envy of many nations.

So, those who believe that same sex marriage should be legal, why don't you propose a ballot measure to the citizens of California?

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