Monday, January 12, 2009


The economy is bad, schools are hurting everywhere, and budget cuts are a necessity, but in Massachusetts, funding for the gay agenda is untouchable.  This story really illustrates how serious the gay lobby is, and how complicit educators are in getting our children indoctrinated with this agenda in our schools.



Liberty Belle said...

In education, children should come before political agendas. This propaganda has no place in the public schools in the first place.

That they are adamant about cutting true educational resources and keeping the propaganda speaks volumes.

Time to start dusting off the homeschool options Massachusetts!

Pearl said...

So shady. I guess we know where our government's priorities lie. Infiltrate, indoctrinate, desensitize. Poor kids. They need their parents to stand up for them. Oh wait, they have, and their rights have been trampled. I wonder when America will wake up? Do you think it'll be too late when we finally do? Regret is a terrible feeling to have to live with - especially as concerns our children.