Friday, January 16, 2009

Time to Take Action

It is time to write letters to the California Supreme Court letting them know why they should uphold OUR VOTE.

There are pre-fab letters out there, but I think it would be best if you took a few minutes and wrote out, in your own words, why you think the Supreme Court should uphold our vote.

I know I’ve already commented on this, but I will tell the Supreme Court that the people have voted on this issue TWICE, both times they have voted in favor of upholding traditional marriage. It is time to stop being “politically correct” and starting standing up for what is right.

You can send your letters to:

Chief Justice Ronald M. George and the
Associate Justices of the California Supreme Court
350 McAllister Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


Pearl said...

Hey thanks Heather! I have just the letter to send along! :0)

Heather said...

Hey Pearl! Thanks for the letter. You're awesome :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mailing info. I need to get working on my letter!