Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Activism can be entertaining!

So tonight I helped make polling phone calls for the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign with a group of friends... what an experience. I normally hang up on telemarketers and groups trying to solicit money, but I am glad that I have never been rude to callers taking surveys or polling. Because now I know what it feels like!
Making that first call was like jumping into the deep end of the pool without knowing how cold it will be. Fortunately for me, I got an answering machine! Just read off the script, piece of cake. My second call, however, reached a not-so-happy-camper who apparently thinks 7:30 pm is too late at night (granted, he may be a crazy early-riser) and so I can "just stick it, lady!" Hm. I hung up and after telling everyone why I had that look on my face, we all burst out laughing. I know I wouldn't have been laughing if I had been making calls on my own, so here's a shout-out to Suzie, Russ, Denise, Stan and Marjorie :)
The other highlight of the evening was when Suzie was telling about her last recipient who thought the call was from the opposers, and shouted "Yes on 8! YES! YES! YES!" The only problem was that the person I was calling picked up the phone just as Suzie was enthusiastically retelling the YES! YES! YES! part, and I barely made it through my lines without laughing! (I did giggle a little, poor guy probably thought I was a nut!) By the time I hung up, everyone realized I had been on a call, and we really lost it then!
So tomorrow I will be at it again, with more confidence and a greater sense of humor. And we're all bringing dessert, so let the sugar-highs commence!
Vote YES on Prop 8!

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Laura said...

Don't you love America, where we can actually have a voice in our politics?! Great job on the phone - keep it up! Yes on Prop. 8!

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