Monday, October 20, 2008

CTA opposes Prop 8... what about the teachers?

This controversy had me fuming... until Jason and I fought back by writing this letter tonight (A letter. That'll show 'em.) to the editor of our local newspaper in response to the CTA's voting pamphlet opposing Proposition 8 and the $1 million plus donation it made.

To the Editor:

When I became a teacher and joined the California Teachers Association, I felt more or less forced to pay union dues. Teachers have the option to not join the union, but are still required to pay a fee to the union that runs only $18 less per month than regular dues.

At no time are teachers asked regarding their political views, moral code of conduct, or opinions on hotbed political issues. Thus, the CTA does not represent the majority view of teachers as it claims to.

Given the fact that last week the CTA donated over $1 million to the "No on Proposition 8" campaign, it is apparent that our opinion has been declared for us, in spite of the fact that opposing Proposition 8 is not the representative view of the rank and file teacher in the classroom.

I know that I speak for over a dozen teachers at my school site that are also adamently opposed to the CTA using our funds to support any moral issue on the election ticket without the input or permission of the teachers it claims to represent.

This CTA decision was made by the political arm of the CTA, not the teachers, and teachers would like the CTA to quit making political contributions that do not represent the majority of the teacher.

Teachers who interact with students and their families on a daily basis recognize the fact that children from traditional homes with a mom and dad do better in school than children from any other family make-up.

From a teacher who is also a member of the CTA, please vote YES on Proposition 8!

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