Monday, October 13, 2008

tolerance. how is that spelled?

I'm frustrated tonight. My husband spent the evening with a friend passing out and posting yard signs supporting Proposition 8. They were yelled and cursed at by drivers, called bigots, and when backtracking found that some of the signs they had posted 5 minutes earlier were already stolen. Reports have come from across the county that hundreds of "Yes on Prop 8" signs are being stolen, and residents are being advised to bring their yard signs in at night to prevent theft.

For a group of people so adamant about tolerance, many of them sure don't have tolerance for others. It's called free speech, people! I hope that there aren't supporters of Prop 8 stooping to such lows.

Okay, done venting!

Vote YES on Proposition 8!

UPDATE 10/18/08
Here is a video I found regarding "tolerance".


Heather said...

I read an article online that chastized both sides for being intolerant, name-calling, sign-stealing, etc. I hope and pray that no one that supports prop 8 is acting in such a manner. There is no need for it. Your argument should speak for itself without demeaning the other side. The arguments in support of prop 8 speak for themselves. There is no need to get dirty. We also can't become discouraged. We need to keep our heads held high and continue onward in our moral quest.

Heather said...

This article goes perfectly with this post, so I've copied and pasted the entire article here. Here is the link if you want to go directly to the source:


October 13, 2008
Contact: Chip White/Sonja Eddings Brown, 916-215-4392

MODESTO-October 13—In a violent display of intolerance, an opponent of Proposition 8 attacked and seriously injured a man who was volunteering on Sunday for the initiative to define marriage as between and a man and a woman.

Prop. 8 supporter, Jose Nunez, 37, was brutally assaulted while waiting to distribute yard signs to other supporters of the initiative after church services at the St. Stanislaus Parish in Modesto.

The assailant grabbed about 75 signs and yelled at Nunez accusingly, “What do you have against gays!” Although Nunez replied that he had nothing against gays, he was attacked anyway. The assailant punched Nunez in the left eye and ran off with the signs.

Nunez, his eye dripping with blood, walked into a building on church grounds where a fellow parishoner called 911. Police and paramedics responded to the scene.

Nunez, who suffered a bloody eye, serious wounds to his face, and a scratch to his knee, was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital where he received 16 stitches under his eye.

According to the Yes on 8 campaign, the attack shows that their opponents are not as tolerant and open-minded as they would like voters to believe.

“It’s outrageous that the No campaign calls themselves the voice of tolerance and moderation and wants people to feel bad for supporting Prop. 8. There was nothing tolerant or moderate about beating up Jose,” said—Yes on 8 press secretary Chip White. “Clearly the man who attacked Jose is intolerant of those who support traditional marriage,” White added.

Ironically, Nunez, a native of Mexico, became an American citizen two months ago and plans to vote for the first time in November. Nunez, who is recovering and in good spirits, said the attack only strengthens his resolve to help ensure that Prop. 8 passes.

“The other side wants to intimidate us, but we can’t stop standing up for traditional marriage. I may be bloody and bruised, but I’m not giving up. Protecting traditional marriage is just too important for our kids,” said Nunez, the father of three children, ages 9, 5, and 3. “I don’t want my kids taught in public school that same sex-marriage is the same as traditional marriage,” Nunez added.

Nunez has been forced to take time off work to recover. It was not immediately clear how much Nunez will suffer in medical expenses and lost wages.

Anyone who is interested in contributing funds toward Nunez’s medical expenses or lost wages may contact the campaign at

Heather said...

I just can't leave this issue alone. Here is a link to an article that lists vandalism all over the state.

Now please tell me who is being intolerant.

Anonymous said...

I just commented on the blog you just mentioned... let's see what happens!

"Wow, and that’s just what was reported. It’s incredibly ironic and revealing that a group who so adamently demands tolerance has many supporters who are acting in intolerant, destructive, and petty ways that undermine the freedom of speech of others.

Vote YES on Proposition 8!

Laura said...

Let the opposition inspire us! It only means they are running scared! And be brave, Prop. 8 supporters...this is only the beginning of standing up for what's right. I applaud all the effort that goes into goodness everyday!