Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP debate weigh-in

This election year I have actually watched the debates (instead of being bored out of my mind...) and have learned about many of the issues that are shaping the campaign. I thought both Palin and Biden did well tonight.

My favorite part, of course, was when Gov. Palin gave a strong statement about marriage being between only a man and a woman. Biden also acknowledged that he and Obama are opposed to gay marriage, and that government should not define marriage. Woo-hoo! (that last part is me).

What did you think of the debate??


Heather said...

I thought Gov. Palin did a good job. She held her own. My favorite comment from Gov. Palin was, "Now come on Joe, we already went over that." (I was listening on the radio, so I don't remember the exact comment, but it was something to that effect.) What I like the best about her is that she doesn't talk down to the public. She talks to us like we are intelligent human beings instead of stupid drones that have to be told what to do.

Sentator Biden seemed to know a lot of stats, but was just another elected official standing up there saying what the people wanted to hear.

Basically, those who were in favor of Gov. Palin still are and those who were in favor of Sen. Biden still are. I don't think people changed their minds based on this debate.

Gardner Family said...

I liked when she gave a shout out to the 3rd grade class. ;) Just kidding....I personally like her. I think of her similiar to myself. With brunette hair, glasses, perfect shot with gun, and a pretty tight conservative, and I am sure with Dan's love of hockey, I too will one day be a hockey Mom....I relate to her. I think the media has painted a picture of what they want people to see of her. And heaven forbid she mentions that she believes in God....It's not "popular" by Hollywood standards to like her or McCain. But I do. So here's to not being cool!

I think she held her own. I enjoyed the VP debate over both presidential debates so far.

And for me - this is the first year that I have thrown myself into researching and really listening to facts and stats on the politicians.

Thank you for your blog. :)

Pregnant insomniac signing off....